St. Louis Lifestyle Newborn & Family Photographer telling the AUTHENTIC love story of family

Beautiful. Authentic. Emotive.

This is how I want to live my life and how I want to capture your family. I find beauty in the everyday chaos that is family, not the perceived perfection. I cherish the small moments and details that are unique to your family. I lead all my sessions by light and connection. This allows me to capture your memories in a beautiful, authentic, and emotive way.

I want to give you photos that matter. Photos that make you remember the way your toddler laughed, the smell of your sweet new baby, the joy of watching your daughter twirl, or how your significant other could make you laugh like no one else. These are the images that matter, that make you feel something, and that I want to capture of your family! I want to create authentic, beautiful images that show your family just as they are.

My intention is to capture those candid shots I love and families cherish.

A session with me contains lots of laughing, snuggles, running, and dancing. 

Parents can relax knowing their kids can be themselves. Whether it is quiet or loud, laughing or serious, I want to capture YOUR family as they are now including whatever beautiful chaos that may bring. 

I began this photography journey while capturing my own children as they grew.

I quickly fell in love with the lighting and emotion found in photography. I love capturing all the little moments. The ones that might seem mundane on the surface are the ones that truly matter. 

Angie's loves....

Wife & Mama to 3 rambunctious, inquisitive, and irresistibly lovable children

Could live off of Pizza, Tacos, and Coffee...and a little wine

Always up for dancing in her kitchen with her kids or hiking with her family

newest interest is trying to keep a house plant alive and start our first outdoor garden

I HIGHLY recommend Angie to capture your priceless moments

"The photos Angie delivered to us are absolutely priceless to me! Her style of capturing our family as organically and authentically as possible not only created beautiful imagery to hang on our walls, but it truly captured my family as they are......beautiful chaos. I didn't want the overly posed, everyone look perfect and smiling their best smile kind of photo, because honestly, that is just not us. That is not our life with 3 little ones under 8. I wanted the giggles, the cuddles, the wild, the unpredicted, the movement, the connection and she got it all and every image takes my breath away."

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St. Louis Lifestyle Newborn & Family Photographer telling the AUTHENTIC love story of family