Capturing the candid shots you’ll cherish

I always loved this one old photo of my dad holding me in a bassinet and looking down at me. 

For years, I couldn’t put my finger on why I treasured that picture in particular. I mean, we weren’t even smiling and looking at the camera. 

But now, it all makes sense. 

That image—the way my father looked at me adoringly—was love.

I could look at it and feel his new-dad pride, his amazement, and how much he cared for me. That one photograph tells an entire story. One that was more real than any "say cheese" moment could have hoped to tell. And when I show it to my three children, they get to know a little more about the papa they never had the chance to meet. 

If like me, you grew up in times before cell phone cameras, photographs of your childhood take on a different meaning. 

As a former pediatric ICU and neonatal flight nurse, I am deeply aware of how fleeting life can be and how important the small moments are. And as a mom of three rambunctious littles, you know I get how hard it is to pause the whirlwind long enough to capture all the sweet details. 

It's why I've never been a "look here, now smile" photographer. The stiff posed shots are the ones that make your heart swell. But the one of you holding your toddler's hand as you twirl her in the backyard. That's going to take you right back to moment, no matter how many years pass. 

When you invite me into your family's beautiful chaos, we'll do more than capture memories, we'll make some. Whether you want to run through the sprinkler, head to your weekly fun spot, or let your toddler explore in your favorite park. Let's elevate those ordinary moments into artful images that fill your heart with gratitude for this family you're raising.  

All the emotion connection, and magic of this time in your life are tangled up in the mess.  

The touseled hair, the chipped nail polish, the silly face that is SO your kid. 

GEt in front of my lens

Focused on what matters.

Celebrating what's real as we document this chapter of your family's story in meaningful ways. 

Honest moments

Making your preparation stress-free with collaborative session planning and wardrobe guidance. 


Helping you break free from the pose and celebrating authentic connection in every image


Shining a light on the details you'll want to remember in hand-edited works of art you'll treasure. 


"The photos Angie delivered to us are absolutely priceless to me! Her style of capturing our family as organically and authentically as possible not only created beautiful imagery to hang on our walls, but it truly captured my family as they are......beautiful chaos. I didn't want the overly posed, everyone look perfect and smiling their best smile kind of photo, because honestly, that is just not us. That is not our life with 3 little ones under 8. I wanted the giggles, the cuddles, the wild, the unpredicted, the movement, the connection and she got it all and every image takes my breath away."

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