How often do you find your family standing still? If you want photos that bring you back to this crazy beautiful season of life, it’s time to let go and trust the process. Let them run, snuggle until someone snort-laughs, and don’t stress about the dirt. 

Roll with it when your toddler wants to carry around a cool leaf they found or fill their dress pockets with acorns. Why? Because that's childhood. That's the magic. And that's what we're here to document, after all.  

 family photography

The fullest expression of the people who make your heart full.  

This isn't about checking a task off your list-it's about celebrating love.. 

Arrive with ease. 

From collaborative session planning to expert styling advice and access to my curated client closet, all you have to do is show up ready to have fun with your favorite people. 

Follow the feeling. 

Skip the stiff, perfectly posed shots and let your kids be themselves. Being in the moment now is the key to photos that will bring you back to the moment forever.

Cherish your images.

Your hardest decision will be which photos to frame! You'll get access to your gallery of hand-edited images three to four weeks after your session. You can then choose which collection to purchase and use your print credit for prints and albums. 

"Angie is not only an amazingly talented photographer, she's also one of the sweetest people you'll meet. She is genuinely passionate about capturing memories for your family that you will truly treasure. Her style of photography is timeless and one that you are sure to continue to cherish for years to come."

love notes from the love stories captured


OUTDOOR Sessions
Your family's love-on location

Think about wehre you spend time connecting-like the lake where you taught your kids to fish or your favorite spot in the city-and take me with you. We'll select the perfect location in the Greater St. Louis area to get the most authentic expression of your life during this phase. Most outdoors sessions take place at sunset or sunrise to catch that golden light for a little extra magic. 

At-Home Sessions
Discover the beauty of your everyday

    Studio Sessions 

Documenting your family at home means getting a one-of-a-kind deeply meaningful set of images. Trust me- you don't need a Pinterest-perfect home to get gorgeous photos. Your littles will be more relaxed on their turf, and you'll get to give your ordinary moments a chance to shine. 

family films

Your images will be full of life and movement, but sometimes film can tell a story that still photographs just can’t. 

If you want to freeze time forever on your toddler’s Muppet-run, the embarrassed-but-affectionate teen eye rolls, or the way your daughter giggles when your partner swings her around—film is the answer.  

It's not about where you are; it's about who you're with 

Studio sessions strip away all the distractions and focus on the simple details and geninuine connection. Family studio sessions take place in an all white studio in Downtown St. Louis. 


Family Session Pricing

Online Styling Service

Access to my client closet for a stress-free styling experience

Session prep guide & Questionnaire to create a custom session that represents your family

All the hand edited images from your gallery for download 

Your photos set to a beautiful slideshow for viewing your gallery & download

$200 Print credit to my online store 


film pricing

Film Add-On

1–2-Minute Film 

Booked as a supplement to your photography session 

Feature Film 

3–5-Minute Film 

A standalone film session accompanied by all the high-resolution photographs






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