St. Louis Newborn & Family Photographer telling the AUTHENTIC love story of family

Erin & Flynn | Family Photographer St Louis | Every Family Is Beautiful Project

Mom standing with son in field at sunset.
  1. Abby Lang says:

    These are stunning. Such a beautiful family! ❤️

  2. Felicia says:

    Beautiful story. I too love seeing my Highschool friend post pictures of her and her son. Erin always posts the cutest pictures. They all look professionally done, like she has a personal photographer following her around everywhere. Truth is, they both are very photogenic. I never knew the story and always wondered myself. Yet, I knew the most important thing was the love she has for her son and the love her son has back for her. Thanks for sharing the story. Beautiful pictures again! ♡ Felicia

  3. Laurie Davis says:

    I met Erin several years ago while working at Stanford University Hospital, we have stayed in touch by social media. Erin is such a beautiful sweet wonderful person inside and out. Every day I look forward to seeing her posts of her and Mr. adorable Flynn. The photos make my day so much better, Flynn is just an amazing little guy, brings a big smile to my face and to see my friend so happy it warms my heart wham I see the together. Erin was meant to be a Mother and little Flynn is her son 💕 so much love in the photos that’s for sure!

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St. Louis Lifestyle Newborn & Family Photographer telling the AUTHENTIC love story of family